25-27 March 2022

The 70-acre Sadhana Forest land is owned by the Auroville Foundation. But this chunk of land is separate from Auroville (the piece of land around the Matrimandir). Sadhana doesn't grow its own food, so other than the ₹600 per day cost for 3 meals the stay is free. The wooden huts you will see here are unlike anything you'd imagine a hut to be. Some of the huts here are 3-tiered structures, built by locals, with ample natural light, ventilation and several cosy spots. (TODO ask Javed for photos).


  • Knowledge and expertise of the core team about water conservation techniques and kickstarting the restoration of a forest ecosystem.
  • concepts of how a forest grows and how to help a forest restore itself. We humans have to provide a good base (pioneer species) for the forest, the forest dwellers (microbes, birds, animals, insects) will do the rest.
  • Ultra low-impact lifestyle in the forest
  • NOT a food forest. Apart from a few herbs near the kitchen hut, Sadhana doesn't grow any of its own food. They get food from several organic farms in the area (in and around Auroville)