Another nice hike near Bangalore. There are multi-pitch rock climbing routes here.

Parking spot (Bananthimari temple)

Some photos.


The missed trail to the top of BM Betta

As you start from the temple a walk a few hundred steps, there is a small lake1 to your right (not the lake before the temple, next to the road). A few trails are going up to the left here, a few before the lake and a few just after it. Probably on a few 10s of meters until your reach the rock. Marked a section of the trail for help.

To the top the hillock next to BM Betta.

Somewhere near where there is a boulder with a Nama (नामा - a religious symbol) one can reach the top. Can do both, BM Betta top and the hillock next to it. This trail should help.

GPX tracks

Gaia GPS folder


  1. Small lake on the trail.