Checking the result of DNS settings for your domain

dig @ +trace

An apex domain is a custom domain without a subdomain, e.g.

Whereas a subdomain is what you prepend to your domain, e.g. in, www is the subdomain

Usually, your apex domain ( has to point to an IP address and cannot point to another domain address. So in your DNS settings, an A record will have to be pointed to the IP of your hosting provider's load balancer. (TODO: add note about ALIAS records available with some providers) This site's A name record:		3600	IN	A

Any other subdomains can point to both IP addresses and non-IP addresses, i.e. other subdomains. can point to, or to

This site's www subdomain CNAME record	3600	IN	CNAME

IN stands for internet

Julia Evans has a good article that helps you understand how a DNS lookup works.